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A new tool for international researchers and followers from all over the world
26 novembre 2015

Starting November 2015, the website of the research project Percorsi di secondo welfare hosts the new section "Second Welfare" in order to collect a selection of our contents translated into English. The section has been envisaged as a new tool for international researchers and followers from all over the world, allowing all of you to understand the idea of a “second welfare” and spread the word. From now on, social scientists, policy makers and practitioners will be able to draw interesting insights from the Italian second welfare experience as well as to communicate with us and share best practices. You are all invited to follow our work in English and to contribute to the European and global debate on second welfare. Special thanks are due to Letizia Cottafavi, who is helping us to translate all contents into English.

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First Report on Second Welfare in Italy

Social innovation beyond the State. Italy's Secondo Welfare in a European perspective

Work Integration Social Enterprises in Italy: virtuous savings from public-private interactions

Why should people in the US be interested in the Italian prison system?

Poor, scarcely poor and almost poor: what's going on in Italy?

Working poor contribute to the rise of food poverty in Europe
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Paolo Pozzani | 27.02.2016
Apprezzabilissima questa scelta di presentare articoli in inglese! Nel dirlo ci metto un po' di interesse personale, avendo un gran bisogno di tornare ad esercitarmi nella lingua, ma al di la' di questo il sito si costruisce una fisionomia di ulteriore prestigio, un'investitura piu' ampia, di piu' largo respiro. Bene cosi'!