Second Welfare

Work, Welfare and Inequalities in Europe – The Research Perspective

10 Ottobre 2016

On 10 October 2016 in Bruxelles (Rue van Maerlant, 2) the GD Research & Innovation is organizing a seminar to present research evidence in relation to the present and future of European welfare and work, reversing inequalities, social investment and poverty.

Findings will be discussed from a policy perspective and should contribute to the ongoing dialogue concerning the European Pillar of Social Rights. Future research needs in relation to social rights and employment trends and developments will be examined throughout the one day event. During the seminar a Policy Review entitled "Fighting poverty and exclusion through social investment: A European research perspective" will also be presented. The Review presents evidence from twenty 7th Framework Programme research projects on issues pertaining to:


  • poverty and exclusion;
  • social investment and protection;
  • new risks and vulnerabilities of different social groups;
  • tax and benefit policies

for promoting inclusion and overall policy learning concerning what works, where and why.

The seminar will bring together

  • leading researchers in the fields of social and employment policies;
  • EU policy makers;
  • international experts;
  • other relevant stakeholders.

Also attending the event Maurizio Ferrera, Secondo Welfare’s Scientific Supervisor.

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