Webinar ''The social consequences of the confinement''

L'incontro si terrà il prossimo 27 aprile in diretta streaming
27 Aprile 2020

Beyond the idea that we are all equally exposed to the virus, we can wonder whether the confinement measures have different social consequences for different groups. Who are protected by short time work arrangement? Who is able to telework? Who is forced to go on the frontline? Who is losing their jobs? Who is suffering the most from confinement? Can we identify any social gradient, gender gap, generational differences in the answers to these questions?

During the Webinar "The social consequences of the confinement", Anke Hassel (Professor of Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance) and Bruno Palier (Researcher at Sciences Po, Director of LIEPP) will analyse the consequences of labour market and social policy decisions taken in Germany, France and Europe more broadly to cope with the pandemia.

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