Venture Philanthropy: generating transformation to achieve social impact
Venture Philanthropy adopts the know-how of the business and market tradition for social purpose and to achieve social impact. This approach is crucial for the future of social investment. How? We analyze these aspects in this article by Izacco Scattolin Neto, part of a series written by Master’s students in Global Politics and Society at the University of Milan.
Corporate Foundations in Italy: 2019 Research Report
Percorsi di secondo welfare, together with Bracco Foundation and Fondazione Sodalitas carried out in 2019 research to map the corporate foundations in Italy and discover their main characteristics and operating methods. The study provides an updated picture of the role of corporate foundations in Italy: an increasingly important sector both for the efficacy of corporate intervention programs in communities and territories and for their propensity to work with the service sector on strategic philanthropy.
The birth of Nesta Italia, a Foundation devoted to social innovation
October 17th marked the official start for Nesta Italia, an innovation-driven private Foundation aiming to bring to the Italian Third Sector "a proper revolution in the tackling of social problems". This brand-new institution is the result of the collaboration between Nesta, the philanthropic Foundation based in London with global scope, and the Italian Compagnia di San Paolo, ranking amongst the biggest private foundations in Europe.